5 Reasons to Choose Starsoft Wax Center

Starsoft Wax Center is a new concept for what a wax center can be and offer its clientele. From our state of the art facility to our attention to detail, we are committed to providing an incomparable experience from your traditional wax center franchise.

We go beyond waxing so we can be a one-stop-shop for your beauty essentials. Starsoft is a beauty innovation that adapts to your specific needs and personal goals. Why would you go anywhere else? 


Nestled inside Biscayne Commons Plaza in the heart of North Miami Beach, near Aventura and Sunny Isles, Starsoft Wax Center boasts one of the most luxurious facilities in all of Miami! 


No matter which service you get at Starsoft, you can rest assured that it will be of the utmost quality. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. 

Yes, we are the wax specialists – and we are also the most professional and elite trained estheticians, brow artists, and lash techs in South Florida.

Check out or waxing, lash, brow, and skincare services below:

Personal Attention

We care about your experience and results! 

At Starsoft, you will never feel that your service was rushed or overlooked. All of our specialists are highly trained motivated individuals that want to see you reach your goals. 

You’ll be on a first-name basis with your specialist and put on a customized plan curated for your success! 

Lasting Results 

All of the products we carry at Starsoft Wax Center are hand-selected for their superior quality. We use Starpil Wax for our waxing services to provide you with a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else in town! Your results will be clean, smooth skin that glows.

Starpil is the leading wax brand in the world and is used by professionals globally. This Europen wax from Spain can be found on the shelves of estheticians that truly care about using the most gentle and innovative waxes on the market.

Ask your esthetician about some of their favorites!

Blue Film Wax – If you have normal to slightly sensitive skin and are thinking about a full body wax or waxing a large area, you’ll love Blue Film. This super-elastic wax makes your services quicker as long strips can be used, gently and efficiently revealing smooth skin. 

Pink Film Wax – Pink Film is perfect for facial waxing and other smaller areas. This creamy wax has a velvety texture and a gentle touch that removes even the finest of hairs.

Starsoft Clear Wax – The inspiration for it all! 

Starsoft is the epitome of waxing innovation. If you have extra-sensitive skin, ask about Starsoft. It is hypoallergenic wax and free of any parabens, rosins. Complete waxing luxury.

We also use Maystar Skincare products for some of our other services. Maystar is Starpil’s parent company that includes a full European beauty and skincare line.


Since our opening in 2018, we have made it our mission to be the best place to get a service in Miami! 

Now more than ever, health & safety will be a priority for the wellbeing and comfort of everyone. For more information on what we’re doing to ensure your safety, click the link below.

See you soon! 

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