Hey ladies and gents – that’s right these suggestions apply to both genders as intimate waxing is now available to anyone. Starpil does not discriminate and we appreciate that everyone is getting comfortable enough to do what they want with their bodies. Cheers to that!

Most of you have experienced a bikini wax but some of you haven’t so there are a few things you should know. First of all, before you have a bikini wax we highly suggest you take a pain-reliever for at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment and make sure your down there is fresh. No one wants a stinky taco or pinky – not cool. Please don’t do that to us. 

After you bravely put yourself in the hot seat and get your down there semi-bear it’s time to start thinking about the after-waxing care. 

Now, these are the things you should definitely not do first two days following your bikini waxing appointment – 

1. Don’t spend any time in the sun.

For the first 48 hours after waxing do not expose yourself to the sun since your already delicate skin, down there, is very vulnerable at the moment. It’s a no brainer that sensitive skin is more susceptible to the harsh UV rays. You don’t want permanent sun scaring and/or hyperpigmentation so keep away. 

2. Don’t exercise or sweat in any way.

I know it’s tough but you need to avoid any kind of activity. This means all intense workouts such as sports, running, aerobics, or cycling which can cause friction in treated areas. This also means no sexy time because that will obviously result in sweat. Any kind of action down there (humpday in particular) can lead to discomfort, which can cause excessive chafing from friction on extra-delicate skin. Saunas are a no-no as steam opens up your pores which could actually, in this case, cause premature stubble. Plus, bacteria thrive in warm, wet places, so you want to keep your fresh new wax as clean as possible. 

3. Don’t over-exfoliate or use irritating beauty products.

As you know waxing removes the topmost layer of dead skin, along with the hair, so any kind of additional scrubbing can lead to skin damage. It’s important to be selective with your skincare products. We suggest sticking to gentle, fragrance-free body products for the first few days after your bikini wax. Also, avoid any lotion, soap, or other toiletry items with artificial fragrance or color. Relax, don’t overdo it. 

4. Don’t spend time in any water. 

This means stay away from large bodies of water such as pools, oceans, lakes, and ponds. Also, you guessed it, it’s better to take showers for at least a week after your bikini wax appointment. Running water from the shower will be cleaner than sitting in bathwater which will make you more prone to infection. Just stay away from all water and keep your showers snappy. 

5. Don’t wear tight clothing.

It’s obvious that tight clothes are constricting so you know that when you wear super fitted gear that your body isn’t breathing as it wants to. Anything tight-fitting below can rub raw spots and irritate your intimate areas. Give your leggings a break for a few days and stick with maxi dresses, flowy pants, and breathable cotton fabrics. Anything flowy is a hard yes!

That sums it up for what you should not do after your bikini wax. If you have any questions or want us to blog about a topic that you have concerns about pleasing don’t hesitate to reach out.

We are here to help you look fresh and fierce so book your bikini wax appointment with us today and enjoy smooth radiant skin. 


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