Are you new to waxing? Let us break it down for you!

Hey waxing newbie! So you’ve heard good things about waxing from your friends or family who rave about their glowing skin? I guess that’s why you’re here – am I right? Who doesn’t want healthy-looking, exfoliated, smooth skin for weeks and let’s get real… shaving is so tedious!

Well, let me tell you what you are getting yourself into…

Your first wax session will be painful, all depending on your pain tolerance of course, but you know what they say “beauty is pain” and waxing is worth it when you consider the long term effects. 

Now, unlike other hair removal techniques, waxing removes the hair from their root which affects the hair follicles. As time passes the hair follicles start mending and if given more time can create the same hold to their hair. It’s proven that waxing will eventually make your hair growth sparser with time so making waxing a routine can reverse the cycle! 

Following a regular waxing routine will nullify the interruption of your body hair growth. In short – the more you wax, the less your hair will grow and thinner it will be (not as prickly and stiff as usual). What does this really mean for you? The pain that you experienced the first time waxing was a one time thing and you will feel at ease moving forward.   

When you book your first waxing appointment at Starsoft Wax Center you can expect to feel comfortable and well taken care of by our friendly, courteous, and professional estheticians that are dedicated to keeping you happy and satisfied with your results. We know what it feels like to be put in the hands of someone who is about to give you a hair removal session – we’ve all been there. It’s important for us to make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable throughout your entire experience so you won’t be rushed like other salons and you will be treated like a star. After all, you are at Starsoft Wax Center where it’s our job to give you the ultimate luxury salon experience. 

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