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Are you ready to break up with your mascara?

When you give yourself the ultimate transformation with a set of beautiful lashes you won’t need that tired old mascara again! We can’t wait to give you full, luxurious, and fabulous lashes that you’ll love. Our professional and friendly salon estheticians want to see you satisfied with your lash results so we take our time to ensure that your lashes are perfect! We currently offer four types of lash extensions to fit your comfort level. 

Here are the various sets for you to choose from.

Classic Set


If you are new to lash extensions and want to enhance your natural lashes, the Classic Set is a great way to give yourself a new look. The lash extensions are applied one lash at a time onto your natural lash which is thicker in diameter so you will not need as many to achieve a lash transformation. You will see the difference with a naturally fuller, curled, and longer appearance to your lashes. 

The perfect first-time set for someone feeling flirty!

Hybrid Set


This set is the perfect middle between classic and volume! If you are not ready to commit to the full volume look, this is your combination of both to create medium fullness. With this lash extension set, you will receive multiple 2-3 clustered lashes which are thinner and lighter, unlike the Classic Set where you get one-by-one thicker lash extensions. 

The set that lets your eyes do the talking!

Russian Volume Set


Just like the Hybrid Set, you will get 2-3 clustered lashes, but plenty more of them.  You will achieve a subtle glam look and complement worthy results. This volume set is a way to get you noticed by opening up your eyes and bringing full volume to your natural lashes.

You’re dramatic but you don’t want the drama!

Mega Volume Set


This set is for the confident lash babe who broke up with her mascara ages ago! With these mega volume extensions, you create a full and beautiful fanned look that frames your eyes in an effortlessly glamorous way. The lash extensions are big clusters of thinner and lighters lashes which are the same weight as a single lash and give your lashes a noticeable curl. 

You came, you saw, and you left a major impression!

We are offering a full classic set of lashes extensions for $75!!! Call, e-mail, or DM us if you are interested or have any questions.

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