Men’s skincare and grooming is increasingly important and is growing into one of the hottest segments in the beauty industry. If you think women are the only ones who can enjoy some pampering and TLC, you’re wrong! Here at Starsoft Wax Center, we offer a multitude of treatments for men ranging from a simple brow shaping to a full body wax – the world is your oyster!. If you’re thinking, “first of all, why should I care about my skin or body hair?” here are some reasons why:

  • The summer heat can really affect your skin – it is usually more oily and acne-prone during this season 💦
  • Also with the summer heat comes sun damage as a result of not protecting your skin with enough SPF ☀️
  • Shaving leads to a multitude of problems such as bumps and redness on the skin, which is not a good look for the summer!🙅‍♂️
  • You want to rock that speedo with confidence? We can help ensure your summer bikini body is nothing but smooth sailing down there 😎
  • Facials are relaxing! Even just 30 minutes of relaxation can do wonders for your skin and overall well-being 💆‍♂️


Facials are a great way to relax while combating issues you could be facing with your skin. Men’s skin can sometimes be oilier than women and since men have a greater density of collagen, wrinkles and eye bags can appear deeper and more pronounced. Additionally, consistent shaving on the face can leave the skin with bumps, ingrown hair, or irritation. A facial can easily replenish your skin from the many factors of life, leaving it nice and smooth (which makes it MUCH easier to shave!). At Starsoft, we offer a multitude of add-ons such as MicroDermabrasion, Dermaplaning, and Deep Tissue Facial Massage to really enhance the experience based on your needs. If facials are definitely not your thing, we offer beard grooming as a wonderful and quick, pick-me-up!


Statement brows being a thing only for women is a thing of the past! For the simple dude, we offer the Guy Brow which lets you clean up the middle and top of your brows for any stragglers. If you want to go further and give your brows a nice defined shape, we’ve got you covered with the Brow Wax/Shape that is available for both men and women. If you’ve got sparse brows and want to give them that thick, masculine feel – we have Tint and Henna treatments available with brow waxing and shaping. 


We all know shaving is annoying and even with exact precision, your skin can be left with bumps and irritation. While waxing is not completely painless, it greatly reduces skin inflammation and leaves your skin looking much smoother. An added bonus? When your hair grows back it won’t be as thick as before, which makes maintenance that much easier.  Waxing removes hair straight front he root, meaning no stubble or ingrown hairs! Whether you want to style your chest hair or clean up down there so you can rock that speedo with confidence – the options are endless at Starsoft Wax Center! 

All summer we are offering 15% off all wax and facial packages, so you have everything you need to ensure your summer skin is beach-ready! 

With Father’s Day approaching, wax packages are the perfect gift! Show the man you love that he should love his skin too. Bring him to Starsoft Wax Center, located at Biscayne Commons plaza in North Miami Beach. 

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