Brows: Henna VS Tint

When you first look at someone the first thing you notice is their eyebrows – this is a fact! Having a full, polished, and neet set of brows will enhance your appearance drastically. Here at Starsoft Wax Center, we offer various eyebrow services to give your brows the ultimate transformation. Don’t you want to have complement worthy brows? Who doesn’t! Our two popular brow services are Henna and Tint which give your brows a full look as they both boost your brow thickness and provide better symmetry.

Both luxury services are great ways to achieve a boost in your appearance!

Here are the major differences…

Henna Brow Facts


No chemicals


Stains the skin

Lasts for up to one to two weeks

Gives a light powder fill look

Hair growth treatment – helps brows grow

Recommended for women who are pregnant

Cost: $20

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Tint Brow Facts

Uses developer (hair-dye)

Works on greys perfectly

Stays on skin for a few days

Stays on hair for four weeks

Cost: $20

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Henna and Tint are a quick way to give yourself a new look! For a limited time, new clients receive a free Henna or Tint with the purchase of a brow shape complimentary brow consultation so come in and let us give you our expertise.

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