Getting Down with the Manzilian

Times have changed and now more than ever the world is quickly becoming fully gender-neutral. The ’90s were fun and gave us a glimpse of what could be but we are now embracing the future full steam ahead. It’s about time! You can now express yourself and be who you want to be without all the ridicule that came along with going against society’s standards. Being creative and different is finally accepted and encouraged! SLAY! Cue Ru Paul. “Sashay, Shantay”

With this newfound movement, men can now reap the same benefits as women without hesitation or discrimination. Gay, straight, experimenting, unicorn, it doesn’t matter – ANYONE CAN GET A WAX!

Since this new revelation, The Manzilian (Male Brazilian Wax) has taken off and guys are getting it done more than you think. This bikini wax for men is usually requested by various athletes such as swimmers/bodybuilders, or strippers/dancers, and some metrosexual types that crave perfection (nothing wrong with that!). It’s gotten so popular that believe it or not – the boy next door that you think is basic might be getting down with the Manzilian wax too. 

What it is, is a brazilian wax for men where all the hair down in the pubic region (ALL OF IT) is removed by warm hard or soft wax. Men can now enjoy longer-lasting hair removal without having to worry about that annoying itchy 5 o’clock shadow sitch down below. This male brazilian wax is a convenient alternative for those who find themselves on the road with back-to-back competitions and don’t want to deal with everyday shaving.  Let’s get real, the Manzilian wax will make their junk look bigger and that’s why they love it – hey can’t even try to front! The hair is removed from the front, back, and you guessed it…the two best friends. 

Everyone has their own way of calling it what they want to call it like “Boyzilian” “Guyzilian” or “Back, Sack & Crack”, no matter the name, we fully approve and encourage this exciting male brazilian wax service. 

If you haven’t gotten one yet now is your chance! Starsoft Wax Center is currently running a month long Black Friday promotion so take advantage of this deal by getting a Manzilian wax. The BOGO (buy one get one free) salon promotion is valid till November 30th and spaces are filling up so we highly suggest you book online or call (305) 440-4312 to make an appointment. 

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