How to treat and prevent ingrown hairs

Let’s face it, at some point in your life you experienced the dreaded ingrown hair and it was a miserable experience. It’s uncomfortable, can be itchy, and extremely unattractive if located on a noticeable body part. Unfortunately, if you wear tight clothes, shave, wax, tweeze or use an epilator you are prone to getting nasty and uncomfortable ingrown hairs – it’s inevitable. No one wants to deal with that discomfort but you can take some measures to try to avoid dealing with those common annoying bumps.

Here are some helpful suggestions on how to treat and prevent ingrown hairs when it comes to waxing –

  • Let it grow! To deter from unnecessary ingrown hair issues grow your hair out to ¼ Inch which is about the size of a grain of salt – this is key! I know it’s hard but really try to grow out your body hair prior to your hair removal wax session as this will help the wax adhere to your hairs better. This will ensure that all hair can be grasped and removed from the root. #nohairleftbehind 
  • Don’t overdo it! Hair grows at different rates for every individual as some people naturally grow hair quickly while others take longer for their hair to grow. It is important that you get to know your body and keep track of how fast your hair grows back after a waxing session. Waxing too frequently can result in premature hair being ripped and broken in a way that can cause ingrown hairs. #patienceiskey
  • Exfoliate! It is crucial to exfoliate both before and after waxing to help reduce the chance of ingrown hairs and irritated skin. You should exfoliate two days before and lightly for three consecutive days after your waxing session for best results. If you are waxing your bikini area, it is imperative that you do not skip this step as the bikini area is very sensitive. Exfoliating is also great for clearing up clogged pores that can also affect the regrowth of your hair. #sofreshandsocleanclean
  • Hydrate! Hydrating your skin before and after waxing is a must to prevent skin from becoming excessively dry, which can cause irritation. Traditional body lotions should be avoided immediately after waxing as they can further irritate red and stinging skin. Instead, use Starpil’s Hair Puller Treatment to rejuvenate skin and prevent ingrown hair growth. Ask the esthetician at your next appointment for this product at the salon. 
  • Ditch the sun! (for now) Stay clear of the sun’s direct rays for at least a full day or until any redness is completely gone. Waxing exfoliates, removing some skin cells that offer protection from the sun. It can be tempting to hit the beach right after a wax session and show off that smooth, hair-free skin. However, because you are more prone to sunburns and sunspots right after a wax, it is best to wait until your skin is completely healed.
  • RELAX! We recommend relaxing and taking it easy for a full day after your waxing session to prevent ingrown hairs. I regret to say this means no gym, sports, coitus, or other physical activity that may cause irritation to the skin. Refrain from wearing tight-fitting clothing when you go out as it could irritate the skin at the very least. Instead, opt for comfortable, loose-fitting fabrics after your wax session. So, if you have a big party or hot date coming up, schedule your appointment accordingly.

Now that you have been well informed time to make that waxing appointment! 

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