Keep Up with Your Appearance During Quarantine

As our salon is temporarily closed we wanted to reach out and give you some helpful tips on what you can do to keep up with your appearance. 


If you are a regular waxing client we completely empathize with you and we want to help you feel comfortable. We understand that your hair is growing out and that you might not know what you should do. Your first intention will be to shave and we recommend that you don’t disrupt the process. Since you are practicing social distancing and staying safe at home you can let your hair grow while you wear comfortable clothes. We suggest that you don’t shave and instead moisturize, exfoliate, and let your skin breathe.  

If the fuzz really starts driving you nuts, try this instead of picking up that razor: 

  •  Trim, don’t shave! (You’ve worked hard to maintain your wax schedule)
  •  Focus on your skin(care) rather than your hair(care) to keep what’s under your hair clean and healthy!


If you come in for regular facials and have skin blemishes there are ways you can help your skin at this time. Since we are staying home, most likely you are not using any makeup which gives your skin a much-needed break.  There are at-home skincare routines that you can do to keep up a fresh face. 


  • First, wash your hands and double cleanse your face by using an oil cleanser followed by a soap-based cleaner
  • Use Witch Hazel to wipe down your face which is an antiseptic, analgesic, and antioxidant. This will thoroughly clean your face. 
  • Exfoliate your face with a chemical exfoliator which preferably has alpha and beta hydroxy acids as they will kill the bacteria and hydrate at the same time.
  • Apply a facial serum
  • Use any sheet mask – sheet masks are an inexpensive way to boost your skin.
  • Hydrate with a light moisturizer.
  • Apply eye cream.


Also, we recommend doing at-home facial steam by simply taking a washcloth and soaking it in water, ringing it out and placing it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Then you open the washcloth up and place over your face for about 30 seconds. Easy and quick steam! 


Face masks are all the rage right now! They’re an inexpensive, relaxing and simple way to hydrate as well as soothe your face. Face masks are a great stand-in if you’re used to getting regular facials or professional skincare services since they give your skin an extra nourishing boost with whatever ingredients you feel you need at the moment.

Here are some suggestions that you can order online:

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