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We know you miss your regular Starsoft Wax Center appointments and we miss you too!

We are here for you if you need product advice, at-home skin remedy tips, or in-between waxing suggestions. Don’t hesitate to email or DM us @starsoftwaxcenter and we will answer any questions that you may have.

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Here’s how you can support us by getting savings for yourself!

We will be offering 15% OFF gift certificates on our packages staring April 13th so you can get a discount on your next appointment. When you purchase a gift card this month you can redeem it in the salon when we reopen AND receive VIP booking. Here’s a sneak peek at our package prices!

NEW Waxing Packages

Her Basics

$36 ($30)

Brow Shape, Upper Lip & Nose Wax

The Boy Shorts

$80 ($68)

 Full Brazilian, Inner Buttocks Strip, Outer Buttocks Cheek Wax & Upper Inner Thigh

Finely Framed

$110 ($94)

Full Legs, Feet, Underarms & Full Brazillian

The Miami Beach

$145 ($123)

Brow Shape, Upper Lip, Underarms, Full Legs & Full Brazillian.

His Basics

$53 ($45)

Guy Brow, Nape, Ears & Nose Wax

The Professional

$155 ($132)

Full Back & Shoulders, Outer Buttocks Cheeks Wax, Full Brazillian Men & Inner Buttocks Strip


$165 ($140)

Full Arms, Hands, Full Back, Shoulders, Full Chest & Stomach

We can’t wait to get in the salon and give you the well-deserved pampering that you want!

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