Which Facial is Right for Me?

We all know nothing beats the feeling of gliding your fingers over skin that feels plump and silky smooth. Facials are a wonderful, luxurious way to pamper and relax, all while treating issues you may have with your skin. Here at Starsoft, we have a multitude of options available for both the face and body and – we get it, how do you even choose!? Don’t fear, we are here to help you! Starsoft facials are incredibly customizable, so you are sure to find the right treatment to match your skin’s every need. 

Choose Your Base

Our Starbabe Signature Facial is the ultimate, well-rounded treatment that deeply cleanses pores to leave skin fresh and rejuvenated. Extractions are used to clear out pores blocked by oil and dead skin cells for ultimate exfoliation. If you’re in a rush or have more sensitive skin, the Pick Me Up Facial is the one for you! This quick 30 minute cleanse checks all the boxes, but the exclusion of extractions also makes it ideal for those who have sensitive skin. For those with dryer skin, our Hydradermabrasion Facial is perfect to give your skin a gentle, healthy boost in hydration. This special facial is our Starbabe Signature Facial with the addition of a Hydradermabrasion treatment, which uses a combination of gentle suctions to remove impurities along with a custom water treatment that helps distribute moisture across the skin to ensure a healthy, hydrated glow. 

Personalize It!

Now that you’ve got your base, it’s time to maximize your experience with our vast selections of add-ons designed to ensure your experience at Starsoft is as unique as possible. A great addition for all skin types to enhance your skin is LED Light Therapy. This non-thermal treatment uses the energy from LED lights to kick-start your skin’s natural cell rejuvenation process which can address a multitude of skin conditions such as acne, sun damage, rosacea, and more. Consistent LED treatment can lead to deeper penetration of the skin to fight issues below the surface and address deeper lines and wrinkles.

For those with more oily and acne-prone skin, Microdermabrasion is a wonderful addition to your treatment. This process uses a pressurized jet across the skin to suck away all the dead skin cells. This addition is also great for those wishing to even out skin tone and address redness. 

To take your experience to the next level of luxury, a facial massage is a way to go. Here at Starsoft, we have three massage options to address different levels of depth. Gua Sha is one of the trendiest, up-and-coming treatments in the market today and is derived from traditional Chinese medicine. This facial massage uses a crystal tool to gently massage and glides along the face to promote drainage and reduce stiffness of the skin. After Gua Sha, you’ll step out of Starsoft with a face that feels tighter and smoother. Facial Cupping is a deeper form of facial massage used to stimulate collagen production to really detoxify the skin and address fine lines and dark circles under the eyes. Don’t be afraid though! Unlike body cupping, bruising does not occur as the pressure on the face follows a gliding motion. For those that wish to dig deeper into their skin, the Deep Tissue Facial Massage will leave your skin feeling noticeably firm and rejuvenated. 

All About the Body

While the face is usually the star of the show, your body can get it’s own face-lift too! Starsoft offers unique Body Skin Treatments that address the Three B’s – Back, Bikini, and Butt. Our Back Facial is truly special as it can address an area you cannot reach on your own. Even if you do not suffer from acne in this area, this facial will exfoliate and hydrate your skin leaving it soft and smooth so you are ready to rock that low-back dress. For the Bikini area, our Vagacial is the ultimate way to ensure you are bikini-ready for the summer. For our StarBabe waxers, this treatment is perfect to address possible side-effects of waxing such as bumps and redness. To plump your peach, the Derriere Facial exfoliates and stimulates blood flow to leave your butt nice and smooth. 

If you’re still unsure of the best way to treat yourself, give us a call! Starsoft’s skilled estheticians are happy to guide you towards the perfect way to pamper your skin.

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